is an American web development company based in Charlotte, North Carolina that focuses on building websites and web maintenance.

First Steps

  • Every project begins with a consultation. When you’re ready to start your project, just click the “Start Project” button and fill out your name and email address and we will send you our welcome packet.
  • When you open our welcome packet, you’ll pick your product or service and a time you would like to meet.
  • Our first meeting is designed to hear your idea and see if we can help. If your idea is something that can execute, we move on to project development.
  • When your site is ready for launch we connect the domain name and any 3rd-party services and send you confirmation that you are good to go.

Signing Up

Whether you’re choosing a product or service we have a range of billing plans to get your idea online with easy.

  • Maintenance plans are available on monthly and quarterly payment cycles.
  • You can upgrade any paid service just reach out to us before the end of your billing cycle.
  • All website prices are set and require a deposit before start. Once your website is ready for launch the remaining balance is required before going live.
  • Our secret menu items are available after your first website is launched through us or you’ve purchased a maintenance plan.

Making Changes To Your Site

Every website will have a login for you to make changes to your site. Remember, our philosophy is to make sure when you work with your site your TIME is respected.

  • Add and adjust copy (text) on your site.
  • Post and edit new blog posts or press releases.
  • Add new photos to your gallery page.
  • Request any change needed when you're too busy to do so.